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 TTT What is RDM & Traitor Baiting

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TTT What is RDM & Traitor Baiting Empty
PostSubject: TTT What is RDM & Traitor Baiting   TTT What is RDM & Traitor Baiting EmptyThu Aug 18, 2011 3:29 pm

What counts as RDM? Random death matching in TTT is when a player (RDMer) that isn’t a “Traitor” kills another player for an illogical reason or for no reason at all.

What doesn’t count as RDM? Killing a player that is “acting traitorous” isn’t RDM. (ALL players including detectives)
This doesn’t justify killing some one for doing ONE traitorous act though so make sure you build up enough evidence and use logic to determine who is a traitor. Killing some one for something like “ I saw him pause (Making assumptions like buying traitor items) and or then throw a smoke/discombob grenade right after that” at the beginning of the round isn’t logical. Making excuses like this to kill people is RDM!

Acting Traitorous is when a player, either the player be innocent, a detective or a traitor does something that a traitor would be expected to do, like causing distractions, panic, damage and or kill players by any methods possible to win the round.

Examples of acting traitorous…

1. Damaging or killing players, via prop damage/pushing players off of something to a point were they take fall damage, activating traps, detonating explosive props or grenades, firing or hitting upon players (This includes shooting near/around players) and or causing damage by any other methods.

2. Causing distractions, delays, confusion, and or deceiving players, via voice/text chat by saying things that isn’t true or irrelevant when questioned. Falsely accusing players of being a traitor for illogical reasons is also traitorous, as well as door/player blocking which means, you stop players from accessing a certain area by any means such as standing in their way, prop blocking or barricading, door “E” spamming. Lastly grenade spam fits in this category.

3. Not complying with requests, questions, and or the detectives, via ignoring or running away from a player or the detective when he/she asks to see your primary/secondary weapon is or not answering to a live check. Hiding from the detective when he wishes to see you for a dna scan would be another good example.

4. Following/Stalking a player is ONLY seen as traitorous when the followers/stalkers continue to follow a specific person after they were warned 3 times in text chat to stop following them or action will be taken.


What is Traitor Baiting? Traitor Baiting is when a player continuously acts traitorous through out a round, when they're a detective or innocent for at least 3 rounds or more.

Remember use logic and common sense! Trouble in Terrorist Town revolves around how players perceive one another and situations. If you're innocent act innocent and use evidence, and other sources to determine who the traitor is to prove you're innocent! (Not everything you're told or see may not be true! So if you end up killing some one innocent because of "Reason 1, 2, and 3" no worries its all apart of TTT we all get tricked and make mistakes). If you're a traitor doing everything you can to hide your identity, as well as deceive the innocents while you kill them.

TTT What is RDM & Traitor Baiting Mysig3
"Most of your lies aren't true anyways."

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TTT What is RDM & Traitor Baiting Empty
PostSubject: Re: TTT What is RDM & Traitor Baiting   TTT What is RDM & Traitor Baiting EmptyThu Aug 18, 2011 3:35 pm

I love you bro, ur the beast pirat
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TTT What is RDM & Traitor Baiting
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