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 Goodbye for now

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Goodbye for now Empty
PostSubject: Goodbye for now   Goodbye for now EmptyWed Jan 11, 2012 7:37 pm

Well guys it was fun and I enjoyed being part of Havoc but I feel I am no longer doing any good or being of use to the community besides ensuring it support in a team speak. Not only that but I am not having fun any more all of Havoc has moved on to games that to be honest I am not interested in and have no intention to buy. I feel like there is no place for me in the direction that Havoc is moving. Also, while we do have servers on games I do own those servers are only populated once in a blue moon and ever rarer by actual Havoc members. While I did enjoy myself I do not see myself being able to keep up with you guys any longer, say that I probably wont leave for good I may return if I am needed and if there is ever a group of people playing on servers of games I currently own or I do buy a game we do play or if I am needed for something. For now however, I don't see this happening so for now I say goodbye and good luck.
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Goodbye for now
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