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 TTT Admin Guidelines

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PostSubject: TTT Admin Guidelines   TTT Admin Guidelines EmptyThu Aug 18, 2011 3:28 pm


Slays, Slaps, Kicks, Bans, and other punishments

Never punish/kick/ban while a round is being played for something minor such as 1 or 2 RDMs that occurred during that round. Wait until the round is over so game play is not disrupted. If its something major like mic/chat spam, consistent RDM, and etc you may punish/kick/ban the offenders when ever you want as long as you punish, and report the offenders.

Warn, Punish, Explain Policy
If some one is border-lining the rule breaker status warn them by telling them to cut down or stop what they’re doing, if they continue punish them according to their actions and behavior. IF some one is obviously rule breaking intentionally don’t waste your time warning them, they know what they’re doing is wrong and they don’t care. Once the offenders are punished from either situation above, explain to every one including the offenders why they were punished (if possible) then end of story. If they want to redeem themselves and you want to give them the opportunity to, then explain to them how they can do so (example: cut the bullshit and play the game the right way).

The only time you should be kicking or banning some one for RDM is if they’re RDMing consistently (1-2 RDMS every round and or 3 RDMs within 1 round therefore a kick or temp ban will do the job). Otherwise if its just around 1 or 2 RDMs simply ask the victims whether they want culprits to be slayed/slapped/warned the next round. IF some one has managed 4 or more RDMS with in a round they should be permabanned or dealt with immediately.

Traitor Baiting
(See the Warn, Punish, Explain policy) Players who are "nearly" Traitor Baiting should be warned prior to them actually reaching 3 rounds of Traitor baiting, but if they already exceeded 3 rounds and or were warned then a kick or temp ban should be placed on the offenders.

Identifying RDM
Use what ever witnesses and tools you have at your disposal to identify RDM never soley use or rely on the damage log to identify RDM! If you’re a new admin for the server contact Darm or Ellman for more info regarding admin tools, menus, and etc.

Mic/Chat spam

You’re allowed to do what ever is necessary to stop spammers.

Racism, Sexism, and Discrimination

If the racial slurs, insults, and or jokes are INTENDED to offend, ridicule, or hurt some one or a group of people then you start giving out bans. If its all in good fun and every one is cool about a joke that was made and etc, then don’t bother bringing this up otherwise your wasting every one's time.

Admin/player disrespect
If some one is obviously trying to harass, disrespect, or insult you, another player or group of people for what ever reason it maybe you are allowed to do what ever is necessary stop it. (Ex: permaban or mute/gag offender(s) and ask them to either shut up or take a long break from the server.)

Player Names and Special/Asian characters
If some one has a player name that is in ALL Asian OR Special characters they must change their name to something else that is readable and pronounceable if they don‘t comply with the name change then give the player a kick. IF they continue to rejoin with the same name you can temp ban them. IF the player has SOME Special/Asian characters in his name then its okay.

The name below is okay because it has two words that are distinguishable, readable and pronounceable in it. Which won’t cause any problems in game.

The name below is not okay because its just going to cause problems in game multiple ways

If a player has a offensive player name, and refuses to change their name you may permaban the offender
Example… Adolf Hitler Fan, @#$% <insert group here>, etc…

Pornographic sprays
Because every spray is different from being non-drawn, to drawn, to having different things in them such as gender, age, toys, fetishes, and etc etc etc... This really is a touchy topic that is going to be difficult to discuss. Therefore I’m going to be creating a whole new thread on what is allowed an what isn’t in the server as well as talk to you guys to keep every one happy and the server as PG-13 friendly as possible. So for now follow with rule 6 no sexual intercourse, acts, or any penetration what so ever.
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TTT Admin Guidelines
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